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Default TRX 2.5 motor question

Hello, I just started running 2.5 trx in my Gt. I have two of them and they ran fine at home, run couple tanks threw each but at the track it would run about 2 mins or so, temp around 245 running strong. It would start slowing down and when I come to a stop it would stall. It would fire right back up but it makes a clanging sound. Thought it was the rod so I pulled motor out and put my back up motor in, (trx 2.5) same thing with it. Pulled motors apart and they still look like new, no play or slack anywhere. Still great compression. Bearings smooth. Whats up with them? Or do they just not like me? thought it might be my truck but I put my AE motor in and no problem rest of the night. I run Odonalds 30 nitro. They both had different clutches on them so I dont think it was coming from there... Help is needed. Anybody ever had this happen to them? Have a great day Patrick
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