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You've got some good points yyhayyim. For us it's still a difficult subject, but for Jews in Israel, it's much simpeler. RC Racing is car racing on a smaller scale. And every way of car racing is prohibited for Israeli. So for a lot of people this discussion had ended. But whe are still with the problem. But it's not only with RC racing that there are problems with Shabbat. I'm not really religious, but if I were it would be really difficult to find a job for me here in Holland. Most jobs for students my age are in either stores or restaurants. And both want you to work on saturdays and in bars/pubs also on fridaynight.

But I'm getting a bit off-topic. Most of the time I don't have a lot of choice, the races most of the time are either 2 day races or sunday races with practise on saturdays. So I have to race on a lot of saturdays...
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