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I'm wondering what a good setup on an asphalt track would be too. I'm using the out of box setup and it's pretty good at the beginning of the race evening, but as the track gets more grip in the evening , I end up rolling the car when going hard into corners. I use 36s...most guys use softer tires.... I've tried to go easy with the traction compound in the later heats, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm guessing I need to get stiffer springs, heavier shock oil, and perhaps move some of the shock mounting positions out a bit... and maybe go down to 32 tires to make up for some of the slipping from the stiffer setup??? I haven't gotten into tuning these type of cars yet, so I'm guessing..... Anybody have a couple of setups for a short asphalt track with medium to high grip???

I had the rolling problem with my old XXX-S as well, so It's probably something having to do with the car setups...(or the driver )

Other than the rolling issue, I like how the Evo V handles... it turns pretty well and is a bit tougher than the XXX-S when it hits a wall....
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