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Wink Hi Dan415ms

Hi Dan415ms how r u? I found it interesting that you brought up people being brain washed. I feel that its the non-believers that are doing the brain washing, for me I just need to look at the schooling here in Australia, they teach Darwin's evolution but neglect to teach the facts regarding this theory for eg:It is actually a theory and has NO MORE evidence than that of the Bible and Torah. The Bible is widely regarded as our most accurate record of history, this is due to the fact that lots of the sites in the bible have been unearthed archeologically. The reports of both the nation of Israel and Jesus were also recorded by other nations and non-believers and despite all of this its history is not taught. So when you talk of brainwashing I ask you to please look at the evidence set before you including the two examples I have given. Again I believe its the no believers that are doing the brainwashing.


Also I believe you were given the right to choose what you wish to believe. Usually when people rant at me I just walk of as well I think this is a good way to handle the situation. Some talk to you about God as they genuinely care for u and they believe you maybe heading down the wrong path, this is not wrong but some just love to hear their own voice those r the ones I would not wish to hear from mate. Any how I hope life goes well for you and that God revels him self to you because I don't think God likes religious people either.

PS: I don't think your the devil... But even the devil knows Gods real and trembles.

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