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ran the Mi3 again today on low-med bite ozite (emphasis on low bite)....

played with Chris Ashton's setup somewhat and landed on a decent setup. I was TQ after first round - had a crappy second run - and the last qualifier of the day i picked up the pace by changing a few things and ended up qualifying 2nd out of 14 racers for the day.

Car ran pretty darn good - i am still playing with gaining a little more rear traction - the 3rd qualifier was by far my best run of the day and I would have had TQ by over 2 seconds, but 2 bonehead mistakes on one lap cost me TQ.

I still can't believe how easy this car is to setup and make changes. My only gripe (if you want to call it a gripe) is that changing the roll center is a little cumbersome, not difficult, but just a little akward.....

This was my 3rd time out with the car - and my second time out on carpet - so i am very pleased thus far with the car.

Couple of observations:
-- Shocks are easy to rebuild - the easiest of any car that i have had thus far - I LOVE the self bleed hole up at the top.

-- Car is pretty stiff as it sits - I am sure in high bite situations you will want the thicker chassis - but i think the way the bulkheads are engineered are great and make the car as stiff as you would need for most club level applications

-- No lie - diff really only takes 2 screws to take out - everyone that has looked at my car flips out and loves not only the idea of the ease to change out the diffs, but also the notched bearing holders to change diff ride height and belt tension

-- The stock bearings are great - the car is super free - i did have to loosen the belts one notch off the "dot"

-- Camber link is super easy to change and has virtually an infinite number of adjustments to apply it in almost every situation needed

-- The car rotates like a champ - that is one thing that I struggled with at first - i had to settle the rear end down in order to make it driveable

-- I love it!!!

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