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19T is actually a fast and fun class in and 2wd or 4wd e-buggy. I ran 19T when first getting into mod 4wd buggy, and wasn't too far off the pace compared to those running 11 and 12 turn mods. We were actually thinking of going with a 19T 4wd buggy class here, but turnout won't justify it unfortunately.

Anyway, I would say of the 19T motors out there, I would go with one of the following in this order:

1. Checkpoint Money Motor
2. Reedy Quad Mag

The Checkpoint makes as much or more power as the Quad Mag (a personal favorite of mine) and can go for long time between comm cuts.

When do you need the motor by? I should be getting both types here this weekend in a package deal, a standard checkpoint money motor and a tuned EA Sports Quad Mag (very fast), originally mine. I run mod brushless right now so I don't need these. Let me know if interested via pm.

As for lathe's, usually you can get someone to put a skim on the motor for you for cheap. say a buck or so. You can also pick up some niced used lathes online or see if your LHS has them for a good price. Just remember you DON"T need a diamond bit. Just get a 200 grit or close diamond file and sharpen properly (I have the method from big jim, I can send it to you).

Not sure how the buggy turn out is by you, but its great that you do have a class. To really show up the nitro guys, you should pick up a Maxamps 8000mah pack and get a brushless unit (or heck, I think configured right you coudl just run that 19T) and show them the fun of 20+ minute mains with your buggy. With 19T power, you probably could go alot longer. And charge and go right away.

If it was allowed right now, I would be running lipos only.
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