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Originally Posted by STICKS
WHOA...dont put any words in our mouths...

no one said HATE....

Talk for yourself...

and last time i checked, G-D does not support you judging stop judging us...
Sticks: a few posts ago Dan states he doesnt need "god", Torah, etc to tell him what to do. he does what he wants, etc...this is the terrible disrespect towards G-d and Torah/Judaism I think RCLOCOS refers. To purposely write "god" in quotes and in small caps says a lot, and its a complete lack of repect for the Creator and His commandments and teachings. Anyone who is slightly religious or has abit of sence of sesitivity towards others and their beliefs would be at least careful to not show disrespect to other's Deity or religion, out of decency, and much more for one's own supposed inheritance/religion...

Again, Dan and Sticks: all humanity is given freedom of choice by our Creator, to follow his commandments ( do not murder, do not steal, do not covet your fellow man's property, do not commit adultry, do not lie, set up courts of justice, Shabbat, etc) or not. Those that learn and live according to G-d's laws, are the righteous/good ones, and those that dont keep them, are the bad/wicked. Its like in your country. You are measured as good citizen/countryman if you abide by the laws of your country. Those that choose to violate them are the bad citizens. We all make mistakes, of course, but we are speaking of intentionally going against one's countrie's laws, which are there to keep the peace and make sure we all get along and live in a sociatey of peace and harmony and justice. Samething for us Jews. We are a nation, a country, a people, and our constitution is the Torah, given over by G-d to us teaching us the way of true life and purpose in this world and how to live a good life in this world, according to G-d, the Creator. We can choose to follow G-d and His teachings, i.e., observant/religous Jew, or not follow them, i.e., atheist/secular/assimilated "Jews". If you choose to abandon G-d and his Torah and the Jewish people, althoug it hurts us, its your choice, just dont bash us who are hangin on...have a bit of respect. Is that such a bad thing to ask for?
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