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Originally Posted by Dan415ms
Woah there! That's just the point, I don't want to call myself a Jew....unfortunately I can't escape it! All that other stuff you rant about regarding hate for god blah blah is just in your head as I don't even care enough about it. He gave me his Torah?? When?? Maybe I was racing and didn't hear him and left it at the track?

I don't doubt that there are wonderful people in the religion - the wonderful ones are those who are nice people, fun to be around, the ones who don't ramble on about moses and the torah and chosen nations.....look, I don't actually care at all about religion, period. That goes for any religion and really can't be bothered with this discussion, it is a waste of my time! Sorry, I'd much rather talk about racing lines, speed controllers and brushless my world they are more important.
And Dan,
YOu have the right to do so.
But for you to come on a Jewish Racers thread and bash is rediculous.
If you aren't a practicing Jew that is your choice. But for you input here has been nothing but disrespectful to the Jewish faith. Please enjoy your right to discuss all the things you enjoy about RC on those threads and leave those who are Practicing Jews to there discussions.
-Shookie <><
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