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Originally Posted by RCLocos
Just dont know how you can be a "secular Jew"...its an you know your history? Do you know why you are Jews today? How can you disconnect yourself from your God and the TOrah and the Jewish people's history and way of life, and have the audacity to still pretend you are "Jews"'re all hipocrites IMO.
My question to you is, do you have your own mind? Or have you just been brainwashed by your parents or others? People are welcome to god and the torah - neither interest me. Like I have said, I was born into a Jewish family, my folks respect my opinions not to want anything to do with the religion, I am a good person, I look after my family and that is what matters.....the Jewish religion exists but I want nothing to do with it, my parents tried sending me to Synagogue Sunday school when I was a very young kid so if I was in a room full or people who I didn't know and it just so happened another person was Jewish then I would probably have more in common with them BUT if they started ranting on about the religion I'd have to walk off, it just annoys me.....sorry! Maybe I am the devil? The weirdy beardies probably think so
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