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Originally Posted by RCLocos
I just cant understand how you can call your self a Jew and be so full of hate for the God who made you a Jew and giving you His Torah and such wonderfull people...the chosen nation out of all people. Its weird...
Woah there! That's just the point, I don't want to call myself a Jew....unfortunately I can't escape it! All that other stuff you rant about regarding hate for god blah blah is just in your head as I don't even care enough about it. He gave me his Torah?? When?? Maybe I was racing and didn't hear him and left it at the track?

I don't doubt that there are wonderful people in the religion - the wonderful ones are those who are nice people, fun to be around, the ones who don't ramble on about moses and the torah and chosen nations.....look, I don't actually care at all about religion, period. That goes for any religion and really can't be bothered with this discussion, it is a waste of my time! Sorry, I'd much rather talk about racing lines, speed controllers and brushless my world they are more important.
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