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[/QUOTE]"See we can all now race R/C cars and cuddle pretty girls to our hearts content, I have interpreted the torah and it is written and all is good. Amen.[/QUOTE]

Actually Dan, be carefull- the Torah states that we are not supposed to take G-d's name in vain/lightly. Its one of the 10 commandments...and no, you are not supposed cuddle up with girls. The only one you can touch and flirt with is your own wife. She's the one that is suposed to receive your thoughts, desires, touch/affection, etc. Once you start probing other waters, its adultry, and grave sin acording to Torah, and worse if its a married woman, or a non-jewish woman. G-d is very clear about Jews only being allowed to marry jewish women, and forbidden to marry non-jewish women- the only way its permitted if if the non-jewish woman officially converts to G-d and His Torah/Judaism, and only then, she is welcomed and allowed to marry her fellow Jews...
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