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Talking Electricity and Shabbat

Now, lighting a fire/flame on the Shabbat is one of the fobidden labors, as explained earlier in the above post. Using electricity is one of the categories of work under lighting a flame/heating on Shabbat. For example, by turning the lights on in your car/house on Shabbat, you are creating a new flame/ fire right there in your home--there are sparks of fire created by the electricity. This applies to staring you car on the Shabbat. You cause the starter to spark and create new sparks of flame/fire to ingnite your cars combustion engine...The same applies to RC cars. By turning on your M11 or 3PK, you are turning on lights, same for your ESC, etc. Same applies to nitro rc's.

Remember: Working on Shabbat... means doing creative acts that manipulate nature... When G-d rested on the seventh day... He rested in the sense that He ceased creating. Nothing new was formed or credted or borught into being. We must do the same.

Yet another reason has to do with cooking: The electricity heats the filament in the bulb to the point of changing it, which is considered 'cooking/heating metal', which is the work done by smiths, etc.

Remember, working on Shabbos does not mean doing strenuous labor. It means doing creative acts that manipulate nature. That's what is not allowed on Shabbat. For this reason its not permitted according to Torah to race rc's or other electrical objects. That's why observant Jews cannot run on Shabat, since in doing so, we would be disrespecting G-d and the laws of the resting on Shabbat. That's why we race during the week, especially during Sundays, the first day of the week, according to the Creator, and thats how we roll...
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