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Originally Posted by Skiddins
For those interested in body mounting, the front mount holes appear to be the same position as the EC/Mi2/Mission etc

The rear holes, width wise, are in between the carpet and asphalt towers (of course ) THey appear to be about 3mm further apart than the carpet tower mounts and about 6mm further back.

The front holes are in fact slightly further forward and slightly narrower together than my Mi2 front mounts. When I put a speed 6 on my car that was mounted for the EC it was too far forward, however I could squeeze the posts through if I wanted, but like I said it was too far forward. Rear mounts vs. the asphalt EC tower were a little narrower and further back.

However the holes were close enough that I was able to remount the body by setting it into position and looking through the old body post hole to where the new body post was and mark its position. The front posts were too close to the old holes so I had to use stick on body washers since the holes overlapped.

Skiddins - a shorter arm isn't necessarily a bad thing, since you don't have to turn your steering EPA or DR down you will get more resolution out of the servo. With the stock arm, no servo saver, I had to turn the EPA down to about 55 on the M11. If I went shorter on the arm the steering might be a tad slower, but more precise. I may give it a shot though to see how it feels.
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