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Originally posted by cybertoolzz
so the question is - do u want to good brakes with so-so steering
or great steering with bad brakes?
I'll take good steering and bad brakes any day before the other way round but then again I dont use brakes.

Driving a one-way is a totally different style. It is best used for attacking a track. With a one-way being used properly you should only be off power for a very short time in corners and you should be well into the corner before you release the throttle.

As for being the fastest way around a track - I definately dont agree. It is far faster than ordinary diffs but solid axles are a lot faster than one-ways.

If you can, try using solid axles front and rear. These will suit the smaller track better than the one-way and rear diff and you will get the same attacking style while having better control.
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