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Originally Posted by Darkseid
Hey AdrianM or PW, if I can ask...

Why don't RC companies ever sell full diff sets in one package? They sell one-ways, they sell spools, but no body ever seems to want to sell an entire diff set, in one bag, where customers could easily purchase it? It always comes down to purchasing all the individual pieces and try to put one together.

This is something I've wondered about for a while, especially since more cars these days come with either a front spool or front one-way.

Is it something that Schumacher would consider doing?

Just as Adrian posted, they currently sell a Mi2 diff and it looks like there will be a complete Mi3 diff as well. The Mi2 diff will work in the Mi3.

I am a person that likes to have a spare diff or two so if a diff "blows" then I can just take that one out and place another one in. I can say that so far the Mi2 diffs are the best I have ever ran next to Xrays. (and Xray & Corally sell the entire diff separately as well)

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