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Default What ESC Comes With The RTR RC10 B4?

I was looking at Tower Hobbies, and they list the ESC that is included with the "Associated B4RS Race-Spec RTR" as an ""LRP Ai digital with reverse and auto setup". Due to the fact that the car comes with a 17T motor, is it safe to assume that the speed control included is the "The A.i. Runner Plus Reverse", and not the "The A.i. Runner Reverse"? The "Plus" model is rated for 15+ turns, and the normal one is rated for 18+ turns, so I am assuming the "Plus" is the unit that is included in that RTR. But after looking at the Associated/LRP website, all the typo's on the site as far as ESC specs make me a bit sleptical. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks!
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