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Originally Posted by Kodak Hodak
Hey Crew,

Well havent been on for a while, flat out at work thou looking back at the thread i must say:

Well done GASCAr - nice paintjob cant wait to scratch it for ya LOL just kidding...!

Gansei - your race in 2nd Round well done man looks like you had a nice easy drive and was out of trouble most of the final race.....!

pattojnr - well looks like ya got those little gremlins still thou hell nice come back and to still hold a respectable position. Look forwad seeing ya race in Adelaide in May

SerpantD - the man friend buddy - luv ya long posts its well worth the read for sure, WEL DONE MAn - you will get that tune soon and it will be quicker than NASA Rocket's

Looks like all is having fun and sure hope to hear more soon...!

Peace Out
Dude, when the heck are you racing again??? Is your month off thing comming to an end already? When are you hitting the asfault bro!?!?!? Also, how is the build going with your bro's car? I would imagine that the beast is ready to go, ya? Dude, let us know when you finally get to run again. It's just not the same without your long posts as well my friend. I hope things are going good for you, keep us posted when you finally get to run again. Talk soon my friend!
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