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Originally Posted by razzor
Rawz I used about 4 .3mm tamiya 3mm shims to take out play.I did it mainly because I noticed that the flanged bearing was moving around a lot and started to make the hole it located in bigger.
Works like a charm know.

SerpentD good show bud !!!
Guess theres still some teething problems for us all
Must say thats a good result seeing that its your 2nd race in 200mm class.
Thanks bro! Yes I still have some little Gremlins to work out. Motor of course, but I was running into some strange issue with the brake as well. I usually like to have a bit of drag brake, but when I used this after morning practice, I noticed that the brake was sort of locking up and acting strange near the neutral setting. I sprayed some "Nitro" cleaner on the brake area and that helped. But then it would come back. So I finally just backed off the pinion gear as you have Razzor and had to run with no drag brake and a very small amount of brakes overall. I need to take it apart and investigate.

I mention this only because I see you guys talking about shimming stuff around the brake area. Never mind dude. I thought I had that carbon piece, but nope. Shucks, I like the way that looks too. Oh well, Something I can just add to the list.
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