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Originally Posted by Serpentd
Dude, those are good. My favorite is on page 27 where they are explaining the thrust bearing washers. It says..."The inside washer should be larger (5.2mm) and inside washer is smaller (5.0mm)". HMMMMM? How many insides are there?

By the way, the larger 5.2mm washer goes next to the bearing on the clutch bell. The word "inside" sort of messes me up because if you put the entire thrust washer assembly on the collar first, then to me the inside bearing is actually the smaller one. So it's all in an individuals perspective of what "inside" is. Either that, or my brain just works different. Which many have pointed out to me that it does!
I should have said that better
I meant inside as the clutch bell side and not the bolt side.
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