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Default overheating issue.

hi guys, i did not get internet connection till today and from the pass replys that follows heres my issue, and hope everyone can help out.

1) i run a extremely small local track 25m in length and 10m wide.
2) i can only gun the car for less then 1 sec on the straight.
3) this track requires more low to mid range power.
4) all the cars uses a 5port engine.

solution i have tried :
1) stock gearing
2) 3 piece clutch and cutted
3) cut manifold 5 mm
4) duel chamber pipe
5) nova 5 port
6) k- factory low CG tank
7) crazynut head ( broke into 2 during a crash)
8) 90 degree 1/8 buggy air filter ( cold air)
9) running lola body ( expose engine and air filter)


1) alittle too lean on low end, the engine will start to sing.
2) a little too rich the engine refuse to idle. or idle for 10 sec and die.
3) top end : lean the car will run.. but run very very hot and 99 percent of the time its a single tank fun because after that the cab will be over heated that no fuel will go in even if you force feed it. (over heating)
4) top end rich: car low respond is very bubbly and most of the time, engine will cut when transition from mid to full throttle.

i hope to solve these issue fast as the mugens are getting on my nerve with their perfect engine and pipe and they can concentrade on car setup.

good point on NTC3

1) i have only replace a shock tower due to bad transportation, someone sat on it..hehehe
2) replace a blue center shaft : my bent from a high speed out of control bang into the wall.
3) chassis is warp : but its still running
4) 1 engine mount screw is missing.. must have drop out on the track.
5) just put in the one way and boy it was fun with the one way on.
6) no sway bars as it a tiny bumpy track

anyway you guys are great. but i understand some have this issue and some does not but all our NTC3 IS STILL HAVING this issue.

thanks ..make friends not war.

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