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Originally posted by Boomer
I just ran at the Revelation Airtronics Spring Challenge and there was a TON of breakage and a TON of complaining about weak cars. (I wasn't one of those - I complained about the guy that introduced me to Mr. Wall. . .)

What most of those people didn't realize is that these cars go FAST - and at a track like Revelation, they go REAL FAST (anyone hasn't seen it, Rev is really built for 1/8th scales. . .) and most all of the wreckage was done in high speed areas. Duh, it's gonna break.

It was funny to talk to several NTC3 owners who swore they were going to sell their cars because they were fragile (I talked to one who is going to go back to his other car because he drove it better. . .it fit him better. . .that was a good reason) - I laughed when they saw 6 out of 9 1/8th scale EXPERTS break in the same spots that they broke. . . too funny. The abuse we can put our cars through and still keep them driving. . . I drove about 5 minutes with a broken shock tower . . .

Anyway, no real point, just spewing forth words.

Boomer,I wonder how many of those tc3 guys that broke either did not have "the FIX", OR were running the factory team Grahphite parts....What parts were breaking most?...

also,were any other 1/10th cars breaking?......BTW,from my own racing,(and I've yet to break anything)...I think the car is fine..I also think it mantains higher cornering speed,accelerates harder,is is usually going faster than belt cars when it hits something(excuse me,when the DRIVER hits something)...

I've been in plenty of wrecks where my Impulse usually breaks the hubs or upper arms after a good whacking..
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