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Originally posted by Number 11
This is probably a dumb question but I have never seen anyone talk about this. I have an OS .15 cvr in my NTC3 and a friend of mine has a OS .12 cvr. How can you tell the difference from the 2 motors? The only thing that looks different to me is the head the .12 is blue and the .15 is black. If I changed my head to the blue one would anyone be able to tell the difference? Can someone explain this to me.
It wouldn't work because the .15 bore is different from the .12 bore. You would have compression and leakage problems. And why? The difference in performance is pretty much negligible unless you're running races in a class that only allows a .12. Most people will be able to tell if you're running a .15 by sound or whatnot. There's not much fun in cheating, unless you just want a different color head, then in that case, just buy a blue head made for the .15CV-R
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