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Originally posted by GP40X
To all the guys having overheating problems

Hopefully, we're not missing something basic here. When you install an engine in the car, are you checking the cylinder head orientation and turning the cylinder head 90 degrees to get it to cool properly if the center cooling slot is not facing front to rear? Remember, Novarossi, Picco, engines usually have a single cooling slot cut in the fins on the inside of the head to get air to the center of the head to cool the glow plug area. These engines are built to bolt right in belt drive cars like the Mugen, Reflex, etc... These engines mount sideways (crank snout points toward the right side of the car) instead of pointing in the aft/rear position like the NTC3 ( & the new Hong Nor/OFNA LD3). If the slot in the head that cools the center of the head is at a 90 degree angle to the crank & it is in a NTC3, there is no air going through the center of the head. I remember seeing earlier in this thread & in the NTC3 thread over at the radio controlled zone that the guys having overheating problems turned the head 90 degrees on the engine to get airflow though the head properly & their overheating problems were gone. HTH

Bill (NTC3 RTR)
Hi GP40X, done that heat sink trick and yeah ya right it solved me problem out right!!!
Thank you.
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