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Originally Posted by TRF415boy Sensored or sensorless motors are allowed.

Straight from the ROAR rule book. Europe is the only place running 5-cell, yes. But Japan was the only one racing 4-cell and everyone was jumping around saying we need to go to 4 cells. Has it happened ?

No, EFRA went 5-cell and japan aren't keeping 4-cell. Results from the winter testing showed 5-cell isn't any slower than 6-cell, I guess we'll see in a couple of months if that is still true outdoors. My guess is probably the rest will follow, like with 4-cell in 12th scale a few years back.
Oops, forgot about that. Sorry.

As for the 4-cell thing...NOBODY was jumping around FOR it. It was suggested and everyone fought against it. I won't discuss that anymore here...not the thread for it.
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