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Just to clear up the Spec19 vs 4300kV............Ok. The "Spec19" motor will be our motor that is the most even with a 19T brushed motor. It is essentially a 10T Brushless motor at 4300kV. The regular 4300kV (which we are calling our "Mild-Mod" Offroad motor) is a 6T brushless. The Spec19 is a milder version of the 4300kV 6T, as it is a 10T Brushless so it will be even with a 19T Brushed.

Brushless winding turns don't correlate easily to brushed turns, thus the strange rating system. Even I get confused in it too, but it's ok. Just know that:

Spec19 4300kV = 19T Brushed
4300kV Mild-Mod = about 12-13T Brushed
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