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Originally posted by Sp Racer
So what pipes do you recommend Brett?

Can you please include the approximate retail prices so we can make a good comparison!?!?

I'll start with the one we've been debating about, the "turbo' pipe..I think they are like $40 - $45
hmmmm let me see

rossi pipes are the way to go one for top end and the other for bottem they are about 120 each

the stock ae pipe has alot of bottem punch for thoes small tight tracks thinks its like 50 bucks

the standard thunder tiger pipe 34 bucks has an extreem amout of top end but u end up melting it but it is efctive for a while

the ureaka pipe also have good mid and top they are about 50 bucks

the great vigor pies are pretty much useless but are better then some stock mufflers bout 45 bucks

so there is just a few

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