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Originally Posted by EddieO
On a club level......motor is never a reason to blame losing to one of my sponsored guys....ask ANY of them.....they get RAW unbuilt straight from the case motors....no tests or inspections done.....I have sent guys stuff with loose winds or retarded timing on the comm.....we simply DON'T cherry pick the motors for our guys.......all the races we attend are pretty much always handouts....and when they are not (IIC or Novak).....ask ANYONE....I just have a flat of motors and we grab and build....if something is a dog, I grab another......

Customers are able to get rocket ships from us on a daily basis......each motor is built to order.....we dyno tune it....if it doesn't meet the base level I have set, it doesn't ship and we build another.......if it turns out to be a rocket ship on the dyno....it gets SENT to the customer....

The ONLY motor we have ever set aside was a binary quad mag stock that literally was off the charts and I felt something was wrong with it(this was when we were like 3 months old)......it was ran a year later by a local kid and was a dog on the track....my theory was correct....the motor sent to the customer instead was a rocket and it broke his track record.

I will gladly take a lie detector test about any of this.....and pass with flying colors....

And ANY hobby shop can stock my motors....or EA or Express or whoever.....just gotta take a minute and setup an account. If yer getting smoked by Joe Blow who is buying a motor off the net....well, tell your hobby shop owner to get some in.....plain and simple. He can either make money or lose money, his choice.

And the other comparisons don't work....19t is JUST as bad....only thing that helps is the bearings really remove one variable from the equation.....mod, well, that doesn't work anything.....sure I can slap in a wind lower, but then will I make runtime? so the batteries play in....

Later EddieO
Eddie, you're missing my point. Yes, give everyone the same exact motor and the fast guys will still be fast. I'm not arguing that.

I'm lucky to race at the track that our current ROAR 1/12 stock national champion runs at. I've been racing with Donny for a long time. I know full well I'll probably never beat him. But I don't mind running against these guys because I want to see how well I do against them. That and the only way to get faster is to race people faster than you. There simply is no doubt the fast guys have better motors. Not by much mind you, but by enough. I proved this beyond a doubt last week. I went through 3 qualifiers with my motor and someone else's motor that should have been faster. It wasn't. For the main I went to the local fast guy and asked if he had a motor I could borrow. First thing he asked me was "you think that's the problem?" I said yes. He lent me a motor he ran twice at a race a few weeks before, and had not rebuilt it since. I threw it in my car with no other setup changes. I was half a second a lap faster than I had run all day! Now while I still probably wouldn't have made the A, the motor made a huge difference.
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