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Originally Posted by steelhawke
It Started harmless enough ,modding the micro-t so my pet ferret"stewie"would enjoy it as much as I. Oh and how he loved it, so much so I was thinking of a rc snake for the next project. Yup he went at it with everything he had, Mission #1 kill lil' rc wizzin' by me, no survivers. He got ahold of it a few times and chewed and punchered the hell out of it. I, a proud owner laugh and giggle as I get bit tryin to take away my buddys kill! This evening I'm farting around with the recoil in the dinning room. Doing the basic nascar drift oval in the house, Stewie wakes up yawns and does his wake up duties. Then he sees and hears the car, "OMG lemme out! WTF is that, lemme kill it for you". I let him out of his cage to investigate this new animal tearing around. Sorty I'm singing that circus background music we all do. Aha! This time the RC has the upper hand being alot bigger and faster, so I go on the offensive, chasin' his butt. Basicly goin after him full bore then power sliding into his rear end, pretty much pissin him off. Sure enough I go to fast and slam him between the car and the wall. He SCREAMED for dear life, I've heard this terror before with pet ferrets and know it isn't good. I smashed his hind end badly, picking him up ever so gently I noticed his broken leg and back. Got on the horn with the only vet willing to treat ferrets and do anything at this hour, I drove! Two hours later I was in madison and looking at the damage I caused on x-rays. So guys my own stupidity, caused me to have to put a beloved pet down. We all love our pets and love our RC's, but we need to remember they can get seriously hurt at our fun. RIP Stewie: age 7months
how stupid.
animal abuser and a child stalker.
-whats next?
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