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Originally Posted by Iceracer
Any opinions on the Integy Indi 16x307 charger?

At $54.00 it looks like a real bargain, charging at up to 6.5 amp rate.
I like the 6.5 amp available charge rate, and the fact that you can choose to charge only to 4.15...if cycles are more important to you than full power. However, I'm concerned it could be too easy to bump the amp wheel and fry a battery. Also, it doesn't have any built in balancing. You could use an external balancer, but that costs more, and depending on the balancer, you'd lose the option of the 4.15 peak (some balancers only balance when cells hit close to the 4.2v rate....some do continuous balancing during the charge cycle.)

In general I think this could be called a "stupid" charger...and that can allow you to be stupid and ruin a battery. All this charger does is charge at constant amperage based on the settings you chose (cell count, amp rate.) It doesn' attempt to determine the true cell count or battery size. In comparison the CellPro automatically calculates the cell count and automatically determines the battery capacity and then automatically sets the charge rate based on the 1C rule. The CellPro is idiot proof and I've been known to be an idiot now and again.
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