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Originally Posted by Core Creations
So that makes me wonder if some are cranking a small amount at a time to get a performance gain without going over the amp limit? I guess I am in the dark as to how it's done, and plan on keeping it that way. But this summer with our mini class I will be teching motors including my own to keep all things fair. I guess as long as their is opportunity to cheat, some will

I'd love to start a GT3 class this summer too!!
Cool, tech mine...I barely know what to do with the ones I have other than plug them in and go. Also, I thought Johnson motors were suppled with most, if not all, Tamiya kits...I was putting my Swift together last night and there was a Mabuchi in there?!?!? If you could get people to run a GT3 class, I'd give it a shot. I still have my TA05 though no motor in it but I've got a good assortment of silvercans to play with.
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