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Originally Posted by loopedeloop
Apparently they are easy to open but very difficult to put back together without leaving signs that it has been opened.
Its easy to advance timing but also easy to check current draw on a motor checker.
Over here we are enforcing a 1.7A max current unloaded at 8 volts.
If your motor draws close to the limit it is subject to a 2nd test in reverse direction. If the current draw is different the tech person can disqualify you as this points to the motor being "timed".

Best just to leave it alone and run it in properly for the best performance.

You will spend the rest of your life trying to shake off the label "CHEATER"

It just aint worth it
I had and have NO intention of doing it. When I suggested silvercan as a good beginner type racing I was told that cheating with them is extremely easy and everyone does it now and simply would do it in the future. They prefer coming up with a voltage limiter that someone would have to invent to go between the motor and ESC or going to 4-5 cells in a battery pack...both of which would cost racers more money then just buying a good silvercan and race.
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