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OK guys, I've been trying different profiles for my Twister 2.2 running dirtoval. In the mod car I leave the Hara profile in and I'm happy with it. In stock I have tried several profiles from here and KO's website along with a few of my own that start out around 7 and start to go higher at mid throttle or so.

My problem is, I don't see any difference in the performance. I think it is because we are at full throttle almost constantly. It was my understanding from a post on here that if you keep the number low (say 7) all of the way through the profile you will lose top speed, so I've always ended up much higher at WOT.

After that long dissertation my question is:
Would I be better off with a profile that is somewhat flat and has very low numbers, and adjust gearing if necessary? SInce I just barely get off the throttle entering the corner would this give me more of a "punch" feeling. Or would it kill the top speed so much I would be unhappy with the performance?

Thanks for any insight.

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