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I used to race a lot, back then there were no beginners either, norrca just had stock, modified, and 12th scale stock and modified. no beginners class, so I can understand your pain.

I would suggest that you not race in the big races for a while unless they have a begginers class. these racers can be very agressive and some of the sportsmen driver may have the speed but still lack the skills to avoid back markers. Practice for a while and run only at tracks that have a beginner class.

Additionally I have run into attitude issues at a lot of the touring car races. so I also no longer race touring cars. However I do race at the Tamiya TCS races, these races are sponsored by Tamiya and the Director is very good about keeping the attitudes in check and having clean races. if you in the socal area the Tamiya test track at their HQ is open for practice every saturday and everyone there is helpful and under control.

Like you said there are plenty of other venues to spend you money and time in. I found in general, the guys that are into rc nitro off road, rc drift, rc rock crawling are usually a mellower crowd than electric rc touring. you may want to check these out.

again I totally understand your frustration
I hope it all works out for you,
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