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Originally Posted by jakethedriver
Do we need a drivers meeting where we talk about this, or is this not something racers talk about?
Absolutely. There has to be rules like no talking on the stand, no yelling at turn marshals. The announcer has to enforce those rules by docking laps or something. It has to be done.

I have never been to a place where there were rules that if you wreck someone, you are black flagged. It is usually the rule that if you wreck into someone or if someone wrecks into you, it is your fault. Sorry, but that is the way it is. Just don't wreck. Ever.

I have seen it before where someone wrecks into someone else and the person thinks it happened on purpose. All this does is make a tense atmosphere and people are playing the blame game. Suck it up man, come on already. If you are getting mad, you need to figure it out.

If you think someone is wrecking into you on purpose, calm down a bit then go joke it off with them. They'll get the idea, and you'll get an idea about what is really going on too.

It sounds like you need to talk to the track announcer/director. He surely doesn't want to lose you and will probably step up rule enforcement.

Ask yourself if you are having fun at the end of the day. If you are, let everyone know especially the track owner. If not, figure out why. Maybe a good few weeks of hockey is what you need.

Another thing too. You don't always have to get out of the other persons way. Maybe the reason the other dude is 2 laps ahead of everyone is because everyone is getting out of his way. Just race, hold your line. If you are having a bad day, yea let him pass. But if you are up to it, race him and don't give him an inch.
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