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Kind of interesting, I am sure a lot of people can relate. However from my experience there are five types of drivers. 1 The beginner who doesn't really know the cost of this hobby, who gets on the track swerves all over hits everything and gets in the way. Now this person could be a kid, or someone who has lots of money and no appreciation for it. 2 The beginner who is attentive to what he/she is doing, knows they get in the way and tries to avoid this. These people are a great asset to racing, they will eventually hone their skills and become great drivers. 3 experienced racer, a middle of the pack runner, usually cautious about other drivers. 4 experienced racer who is fast but lacks driver etiquette. Pushes people out of the way, not very patient. 5 The fast, patient experienced racer. Now I try to be the 5 guy, however it is not easy, especially when your neck and neck with another guy with 30 seconds to go and your trying to hold on to first. Or you are on your best qualifying run. In the heat of battle it is easy to forget about patience. But don't give up. The best thing I can suggest is talking on the driver stand. If you see someone coming up let them know that you see them, tell them wide next corner, or something. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that if you stay in their way you will get punted, either lack of patience on their part or you tried to close in on their line or someone over drives, its inevitable. The best way to avoid it is to talk to the other drivers.
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