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Ur right I am mad. My point about contact sports is one reason no one takes a cheap shot is because there are refs who watch more than just the guy with the puck, and what goes around comes around. They should go play some video game where the stuff they wreck is all in their heads, or smack plush gouphers at the carnival, not my car that I just put new foams on and now I need to buy more parts. It looked like a demolition derby, and it was more than just me that had some thoughts on races. I could hear other guys curses up on the stand. A real good racer. One guy said to a guy that was way behind him, you had no chance, why did you have to take me (him) out. Rude. I try to work with these guys, talk to them, say things like I'll let you through, I'm going wide here and it works. I've even heard them say back to me, its ok, keep doing what your doing. Do we need a drivers meeting where we talk about this, or is this not something racers talk about? I thought in real racing they had black flags for guys that take someone out. Is it different in RC because no one gets hurt? A few bad apples spoil the bunch.

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