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Originally Posted by mattnin
Waa Waa Waa....
Nice to have part of the problem drop by to prove the guy's point.

Originally Posted by mattnin
Am I the only one that thinks this guy has some anger issues?
So far, yes. He's not lashing out in a hostile manner. Yes, he's frustrated, but his posts seem pretty calm and collected.

Originally Posted by mattnin
Waa Waa Waa....
Whoa is me, are you sure the wrecks aren't your fault? If you are a decent driver, then you should be able to avoid the bad drivers and the wrecks and pass everyone else when they screw up. Set yourself apart from the track and DON"T WRECK.
I don't think you're reading (and understanding) what he said. He's not even being given the opportunity to get of people's way. If his story is accurate (and we have no reason to believe otherwise at this point), he's mowed over the moment they come up on him.

I've had this happen to me, and I've been guilty of it. I can see both sides. I know what it's like to have a chance but you come up on someone who you know is going to slow you down... but is one race really worth making an enemy and potentially turning someone away from the hobby? Absolutely not.

I had to take a year off from the hobby to learn that lesson, and if I start acting like an ass again on the track, I'll take another year off. Some people are just taking these toy cars way too seriously.

Originally Posted by mattnin
Maybe you don't have the best setup on your car too. A better handling car is the key. I used to suck at racing until I got a BJ4WE and used the worlds setup. Now the difference is like day and night. Before people used to tell me to get out of their way, now I am a major contender.
Again, you're not reading what he's saying. He's not whining about losing. He's simply asking for the opportunity to race rather than have his car knocked about the track because someone behind him can't wait for the right opportunity to pass.

Originally Posted by mattnin
If you are going to these races and not having fun, then something is wrong. Go play hockey.
Now there's a great attitude! Anytime someone in this hobby says something you don't like, just tell them to go do something else!

Before long, there won't be enough people to race.

Oh wait... that's already started to happen...

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