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Originally Posted by fast-ho-cars
My car has been working extremely well, but i recently noticed that 2 screws from the aft t-bar pivot are hitting/resting heavy on the lower pod plate. based on the instructions (from previous edition) i put one .030 washer between the t-bar and bottom pod plate. i just noticed per those instructions the previous bottom pod plate was notched for clearance of those two aft 2-56 pivot mount screws. with it installed this way, the main frame and bottom pod plate aren't flush. that's how it was on the previous car.

1. is the new C12 supposed to have two .030 washers between the t-bar and bottom pod plate?

2. or one .030 per the old instructions? and break out the dremel to start notching for clearance?
I'm taking a stab at this. Because of the way the rear pod is designed, you'll want to run option 2. Because the motor hangs below the bottom plate, using only one .030 spacer will make it so that the bottom of the motor is even with the main chassis plate.
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