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Hey Guys,

I have just managed to get Communication with My Hara Twister and have a few questions-

I run 19T mainly on carpet/foam/tight technical tracks and am looking for a set-up-I have found one on the KO site and think I have found out how to put this into my speedo

what is -
brake frequency higher/lower??????
power save higher/lower??????
throttle response higher/lower??????
current limiter higher/lower??????

also when you download from the KO site it mentions frequency 0???
Is there one?
Would anyone use neutral/drag brake with a one-way diff if so what setting?



My mate used the same 19T profile last night with old 3300's in 19T and overtook a 19T running 4300's he said this profile (19T technical track )was the muts nuts!
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