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Originally Posted by MassiveMods
The Ninja has a real smooth power band ... and a nice top end wind out ..
So its sort of like the RB engine? I actually gave the RB WS7 3 buggy engine a go yesterday and compared to my novarossi, it was really really smooth. Didn't sound screaming or powerful, but when we ran the straights, I had problems catching up with it... It was screaming like the nova yet it was picking up faster with it. And damn, was it buttery smooth. High rev and back to idle without a single RPM instability. Liked it alot. So I was wondering if the NINJA engines could give me the same performance.

Also, I'am looking at the three cars, SERPENT 960, 07 model which will be here in 7 days time or the MUGEN MRX-4R that'll be back in stock in 10 days time or wait for the Kyosho EVOLVA 07 model...The shop selling the mugen has all the kawahara stuff and ninja engines and full line of mugen hop up parts. As for the shop selling the serpent, they've got the full line of RB engine. Kyosho is kinda available everywhere....Some people told me that you can't really go wrong with either brands since it ultimately depends on your setup at the end of the day. I thought it was pretty true since many different on road race results proved that all three cars had a pretty good track record...So I guess I need a little guide on that.

As for the engine, I was thinking of the MRX-4R + ninja combo or MRX4R + the C6 rody combo or the serpent 960 + C6 rody combo....
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