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Originally Posted by Bikerbob
OK, here is what I know.. I know because I have been told.

The track I race at is hosting the 1st TCS race in Canada this Saturday.

The owner of the track runs a M03-M with a 1 way in it.. Tamiya.. no idea the part # etc..

We run our points series TCS legal - We all bitched that he was running the one-way.. He checked with Tamiya Canada - YES the one-way is LEGAL.

This saturday he will be running his M03-M in the Mini class with a one-way in it.. unless Tamiya Canada backtracks.

HEY - I would not complain at all.. He is whooping the club racing by a full lap and a half.. and I think that has something to do with his ability to drive the one-way well.

I dont - have not tried it.. but I have been told by someone who WOULD KNOW.. that it has been declared legal by Tamiya Canada.

Like I said before...not sure why Tamiya Canada would be that much different from Tamiya everywhere else where the 1-way ISN'T legal. You'll also notice that HE is running it and HE checked. YOU might want to check.
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