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Everybody allways complains about the price of one car over another, when in reality they all end up costing you the same amount of money. A factory team tc3 cost around 280 dollars, and comes with plastic diff halfs tha seem to burn up or break,(just my own experience with the car). so you end up buying an aluminum outdrive kit about 30 dollars for front and back. The X-ray is 328 dollars and then everybody ran out and bought the c-hub conversion for another 150 dollars, not even counting all the hop up parts they put out. Losi's new xxx's graphite plus. pretty good for the money at 250 dollars, however once you put all of the must have mat francis stuff on 300+. Bottom line is all the cars are expensive so why cry over 20-40 bucks difference in the initial price if it comes with all the good stuff. The new yokomo looks like it is well equiped for 320 dollars.
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