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First off, thanks to miniman-Thats the largest clearest pic of the car I've seen. Thanks for finding that and posting it.

Futureal-Your right about it bringing people back to Yokomo. I just reserved mine and can't wait for it to come out.


As for the price. Its not so much that the price is "important", because we all know that if we see something we like then we'll buy it, but comparisons can and will be made. If your competition is winning national or world's races with their $260 kit and your selling your kit for $300+, chances are that more than a few people(who don't understand the dynamics of which companies do or don't have 'real' factory teams to compete at those races) are going to look at that and say "well why is your kit so much higher than this kit thats winning so much?" And the fact is, its a fair question to ask. Why should one top quality kit cost $350, while another cost $260 and you can win with both?

As for the one-way I'm kinda on the fence here. I've always prefered the idea of including a diff and making the one-way optional. Simply because, for the average driver, a diff will work in many more situations than a one-way will. At the same time, I've discovered (through testing with my new KX-1) that once you get used to it, you can go faster with a one-way, even on tracks that usually aren't one-way friendly. SO that means one of two things, either its better to include a one-way because people will learn to use it and be faster......or......I'm a better than average driver!
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