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Okay Okay,

First off... we run almost every class, however, there are lots of other race days on in canberra on sunday mornings.

In electric we run, stock and mod for 2wd/4wd/truck. But due to the clashes of other electric days our numbers last year were usually down. This year we are looking at running 1 event a month for points, and 1 for "fun" (electric, nitro is points every fortnight). What usually happens tho is that mod/stock run together and we extract the points later for the ladder.... If numbers are low, we fudge as many as we can into a group... Yeah, its nasty, but the primary racer group at our venue is nitro at the moment.

Nitro wise, we usually always have 2 groups of buggies and MT's out there, and last year we had 4-5 truggy's (i know there are more this year already) so turns into a long day just in this format.

I don't want to say "dont" come this weekend, but I would just like to say, we have only just got the pipes down, dont have a loop yet, or any shelter back up and we have not run a heat on this track yet, so marshall points etc have not even been set in stone on our new layout.

Its not a LONG drive, but I think if you waited maybe another fortnight->3 weeks, you would enjoy the track a lot lot more and we would have a lot more of the work done and hopefully iron'd out any issues with the layout.

we are going thru a LOT LOT of changes, and re-inventing the wheel down here ready for all our big events this year.... we are getting there but i say ...let those big MT's and buggies find all the problems at the clubby this weekend I say .... and more to the point, i cant race this weekend, working and no offroad truck/buggy just yet... still in austpost land

sorry for the rush post, I can already smell my steak burning on the bbq.

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