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Originally Posted by nagatahawk
Ive run sportsman mod at the Encino velodrom with no special front end.
the car was planted. was running 4th until I was taken out.

I'm am still not sold on the sealed bottom chassis. I tried this at the Carson Velo. car was very loose. I believe there needs to a channel to allow the built up pressure out.

also I still have seen blow overs even with the DNA front ends. The DNA is a very good front end, however the parts seem to be getting scarce. I hope the is another low cost alternative to the DNA.

I think areodynamics is the key factor to this form of racing. it's the balance of front to rear downforce question. I love that dyno, and would love to try out some ideas, but $300 an hour is out of my sponsers budget to run there.

how about. 20 bucks?

There are better methods in aerodynamics than using a flat bottom. The most efficient way of creating downforce on a racing car is by using ground effect.. The Lotus 79 is the best example of this.

The 79 used inverted airfoils on the sidepods and side skirts to keep the air flow creeping in through the sides. The idea is to create much lower pressure underneath the car than ontop. The best way to do this is to accelerate the air underneath.

The DNA front end isnt supposed to help aerodynamically. Its supposed to give much more suspension travel over the very bumpy track.
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