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Originally Posted by HarshGuy
Oh I think I see what you mean, but it's the other way around right? i.e. I see on the top part where the shock cap goes on the plastic T2 shocks threads go all the way down to lip, on the aluminum ones threads stop before the lip I would assume that the cap won't sit down far enough on the aluminum shock then and would leak oil. The bottom part (where the adjustmant collar goes) has threads farther up the shock than the plastice ones, but that doesn't seem like it would matter other than allowing the collar to be screwed up higher.

Harsh- What I wrote is what I meant. Although it has no bearing on length it is the only physical difference between the two. I didn't notice however that the top threads were different as well. I think the caps will screw down far enough on the aluminum ones to still hold the oil in.
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