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The WC cells say World Champion on them while the SHV cells say SHV on them. If you look closely it shouldn't be too difficult to tell them apart.

As far as zapping and matching goes, every cell outfit out there will have cells zapped to increase the voltage. This has been something that's been done for quite some time and is pretty much industry standard now. When you are buying unmatched cells it's 50/50, you might get cells that are untouched or you might get cells that have been zapped and cycled on the matcher.

When we sell batteries as "economy" versions they are zapped and cycled on the matchers and actually have regular labels on them. They are not matched up with other cells having numbers that are extremely close like our race packs and are below our minimum spec for race packs. We sell them as "unmatched or economy" to simply indicate the level of performance our customers can expect from them. The cells will work and work well but do not offer the optimum level of performance a high quality (and of course expensive) matched pack will provide you.

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