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Heh thanks for the diagram.

Yeah once break in was completed, i bought an OS #8 glow plug.

Yeah the GS15R no doubt has good power, not that im going to buy the O.S CV-R yet. Later on when competition between my friends heat up. Im going to get two speed soon, that would add more speed to my car since i am craving for power.

Still need to adjust my engine and get it perfect again. Heh i only owned this car for 8 days now >.<

Why my car is for sale? Well at that price im willing to sell it.
Just to see if anyone would buy it.
Not that im no satisfied with the V-One S, i love i.
It mine does sell, i will get one soon after. Since im in a bit of money crisis argh.

Getting my Driving P soon, cost about $120 all together just to take the test. Then i owe some friends money. So if i sell, it would ease it at least then when im stable, getting the V-One S straight away ^^

What does it come with?
Well, like its out of the kit, thats all except no radio. Im keeping my Futuba 2PHKA, awesome control.

Has Vauxhall Astra body. Still have spare parts.
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