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It makes the buzzing sound all the time. If its the potentionmeter's problem, how do I get it replaced?

Originally Posted by DaveW
Does it make the buzzing sound when attached to the steering linkage, or does it buzz all the time with no servo horn attached? If it is NOT attached to the steering linkage and it buzzes all the time, then the potentiometer is most likely shot in the servo, and it should be replaced or repaired. If it only buzzes when it is attached to the steering linkage then either something is binding in your steering linkage and/or it IS a weak servo and it just doesnt have the strength to move the linkage completely to neutral, again, check to be sure your steering linkage moves freely back and forth without the servo attached. If everything moves fine with minimal binding, and the servo still buzzes, you might want to check into a better servo. Something in your price range with a minimum of 75oz/in of torque, and a transit speed of your choice would be a wise investment. One of the first and best upgrades to your TC, next to driving/practice time, it a good solid servo.

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