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Rich - I have no idea. I haven't exchanged e-mails with Mike in years. Haha. Contact the S-Grid administrator using the e-mail [email protected] and see what they can do for you.

maxxman - No problem. I kicked out an e-mail today...but it's Friday, haha. I'll probably get an answer sometime next week and I'll let you know what's up.

Bubonic - Yeah...that quote should have ended with "understanding" and the smiley face, instead of "understand", which makes ZERO sense.

Haha. I gotta get more sleep.

Like I said, I really appreciate message board posts that are worded thoughtfully. It's the difference between a flame war and your question being answered quickly, and it's always a pleasant surprise to see a good post.

For me personally, digital servos feel funny. Perhaps it's because I've used nothing but analog servos for ten years, and perhaps it's because of the centering and position-sensitive process that digital servos undergo that analog servos do not.

For what your post is worth, I don't think the centering capability of digital servos would be as big of a deal as you'd think. I can't remember the last time that my throttle servo would've been "centered" at neutral for more than a half a second on the race track, haha. Same for steering, it always seems like my hands are moving, constantly making corrections and adjustments.

Again, all personal opinion and someone can prove me wrong, your EPA settings are MUCH more important with digital servos versus using an analog servo. In the case with throttle (especially on a 1/8th scale buggy), the stress that the servo goes through when you slam on the brakes can ruin a servo in a hurry if your EPA is incorrect. Especially because of the position sensitivity of a digital servo, you have to be very careful to not over-stress the servo as it is trying to reach a position that is mechanically impossible because of the brakes.'s like trying to push the brake pedal on your real car THROUGH the floor. Not exactly possible...but you could strain yourself to a hernia trying!

I feel that the powerband (and lack of a constant fuel injection system) of the engines we use would negate the position sensitivity of a digital servo.
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